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websites built with django
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Django is a big name when it comes to web development all over the globe. Let us dig deeper and find out whether you should use Django for your next project or not. This article walks you through what Django is, why Django and some popular websites built with Django.

What makes Django popular for web development?

Django is a free and open-source, high-level backend framework, written in Python, that ensures rapid development and tangle-free, practical design. It is known for its high-security and dynamic website development. A backend framework is the fancy name for a collection of modules that when grouped together allows you to create applications or websites from an existing source, instead of developing them from scratch. It’s not that these frameworks add features to the websites that a single developer making a website from square one cannot. 

It’s just that you would need to develop components like authentication support, management and admin panels, contact forms, comment boxes, file upload support, etc, and in a framework, these are already created and you just need to configure them properly according to your demands. Also, Python is designed as a general-purpose programming language and lacks built-in web development capabilities. The programmers need web frameworks to write custom web applications in Python rapidly and efficiently. 

So with the skeleton ready in their hand, the Django developers just need to focus on the meat i.e. other features of the application.Django provides a plethora of modules salvaging the developers from the tedious task of developing basic backend components of the website.

Another interesting thing about Django is that it was forged, keeping front-end developers in mind. Django’s template language was designed such that the people working with HTML i.e. designers and front-end developers feel comfortable and find it intelligible. It is also highly flexible which permits the developers to affix the template language wherever they find it suitable. If you have chosen to write codes in Python, it is imperative for you to commemorate the Django framework to keep up with the pace. CherryPy is another Python-based framework that is friendly to work with. But it is designed for people who have at least some experience working with Python.

Why Django for web development?

The usage statistics posted on different websites prove that Django web development surpasses the web development done by other frameworks in number in an undisputed manner. Being an open source framework, Django web development proves to be more budget friendly than other frameworks as it helps in diminishing the overall development cost. Apart from this, as a batteries-included web framework, Django web development is hospitable to varying business requirements such as Client relationship management (CRM) systems, Content management systems (CMS), Communication platforms, Booking engines, Document administration platforms, etc. This versatility of Django has made the number of websites built with Django skyrocket.

Some advantages that makes Django web development stand out to developers are:

  • Python-Based

Python has a very simple, detailed and expressive syntax. This simplifies development and maintenance of web applications due to pithy source codes. Apart from this, the developers are able to build custom web applications which helps them slash the development time.

  • Rich ecosystem

Django web development comes with a bunch of third-party applications following it. These can be associated with the project in accordance to the business requirements. Django comprises of many such applications such as for authorization and sending emails which Django developers don’t need to write code for.

  • Batteries-included framework

Django web development uses a battery-included approach. This means that it provides innovative resources to the developer while developing a custom web application. It provides code for common operations like database manipulation, HTML templating, URL routing, session management, and security. This approach decreases the overall development time enormously.

  • Maturity

Another good thing about Django web development is that it has been here for more than a decade. So it has perfectly expanded through the room of improvement. Numerous things have been brought to perfection and furthermore many new things have been added.

  • Massive Community

Django has a large and active community of developers. In these communities, best Django developers update new plug-ins and code snippets regularly to simplify web application development. These resources help the Django developers in pacing up custom web applications. The Django community also helps developers in solving web application development issues and problems.

  • Good for SEO

Python is popular for having human-readable code and it serves as an advantage in more than one ways. It can generate readable website URLs and links using the most relevant keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

  • ORM

Django web development is also known for its object relational mapper that helps developers interact with databases. An object-relational mapper (ORM) is a code library that automates the transfer of data stored in relational databases tables into objects that are more commonly used in application code. Django’s ORM speeds up the development process by extracting information quickly.

These are just some of the many reasons as to why  many of the leading world’s websites rely on technology that’s supported by Django.

Some popular websites built with Django Web Framework:

  • Disqus

Discus is the world’s most popular discussion system. It provides a free service to enable online communities. It also lets you implement audience activity and customize ad serving. It is one of the websites built with Django. The popular commenting system provided in Discus and millions of other websites due to that is powered by Django.

  • Pinterest

The prominent information and image sharing website  Pinterest is also among one of the websites built with Django. With its users posting images across the globe, it relies on Django to handle that data.

  • Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social network on the globe right now. It is also among the websites built with Django. Django is the most suitable framework for them due to the loads of data and user interactions. With Django and its ready-to-implement instruments, Instagram has one less thing to worry about and they can focus on UI/UX.

  • Spotify

The most famous web application in the music industry i.e. Spotify is also one of the websites built with Django. Several music player applications and video applications are feed based now. This feed is designed on the user’s previous searches and choices. Hence fast backend and machine learning features are their primary demands. This is why apps like Spotify use Django. 

  • YouTube

Websites built with Django


The world’s first and largest video sharing platform doesn’t require an introduction. YouTube was first built with PHP but then later joined the Django community due to high scalability requirements.

  • Mahalo

Mahalo was a web directory and an internet based knowledge exchange website that was created in 2007. It differentiated itself from Google and Yahoo by tracking and building hand-crafted result sets for many of the currently popular search terms. Mahalo was also one of the websites built with Django web framework.

  • The Washington Post

The newspaper sites these days also prefer Django due to its ease in scalability. This helps them handle and manage enormous amounts of data generated on their websites by their journalists and daily audience.

  • BitBucket

Bitbucket is a cloud-based Git repository.  With 17 million requests and 6 million repositories in a year, it is one of the most heavily loaded websites built with Django.

  • DropBox

Another one of the websites built with Django is DropBox which is cloud-based storage application that is used to store important files and access them anywhere and everywhere you want to. Several features of the DropBox application reflect the usage of Django. The options like the user history option, synchronize an account across different devices, and the file sharing option, make it evident that DropBox is one of the websites built with Django.

  • EventBrite

EventBrite is a US based ticketing and management website. Although built using Python and in-house frameworks, it later shifted to Django due to audience growth and interaction volumes to resolve scalability issues.

  • Mozilla

Being one of the most popular web browsers in the world, Mozilla has its mailboxes full with queries from users across the globe. It’s thus intelligible, why they decided to move to Django+Python from PHP+CakePHP.

  • TheOnion

websites built with django

The Onion is considered as America’s finest news and story source. Owing to the millions of page views every month, The Onion has now shifted to Django.

Apart from the widely acclaimed benefits of Django web development, the use of Django in these leading websites makes it sell itself.

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