Python/Django is the perfect fit for Web Development. Here’s how:

tips for python development
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When you want to choose a programming tool for your project, you have to be thorough about what you can do with it. You should know how the tool can help you be efficient at what we want to do. 

Read on to find out why Python and Django are becoming a popular choice amongst developers for building their web applications.

Advantages of choosing Python 

The reason behind the success and popularity of Python is the key features that it provides to the developers. Let us see some of the prominent features of Python.

  • Learning Ease and support available

We cannot overlook the excellent readability and simple-to-learn syntax which is extremely helpful for the beginners. The code style guidelines, PEP 8, gives rules to support the formatting of code.

Python has a wide user base and many active developers across the world. This makes it rich in internet resource bank to encourage development and the continued adoption of the language.

  • Integration feature

Python has made the web development services easy by integrating the Enterprise Application Integration. It basically invokes the COM or COBRA components. Python has extremely powerful control capabilities as it calls directly through C, C++, or Java via Jython.

Python programming language also processes the XML along with other markup languages as it can run on all modern operating systems through same byte code.

  • Third Party Libraries

The standard PIP (Python Package Installer) helps the developers to install numerous modules that make Python even more interactive. These modules can interact from internet protocols, operating system calls and many more.

The developers can go for socket programming for networking and use the OS module for system calls that runs user level threads.

  • All kinds of businesses are using it

tips for python development


Since Python is a free platform, all small and medium organizations can use it. The business in nascent stage can use it to begin their operations with cost-effective software. 

This ability of Python to develop applications and software quickly makes it suitable for start-ups. They can survive in the cutthroat competition by leveraging the speed of the python language.

Big tech giants such as Google, Spotify, Instagram, and Dropbox, are heading towards python development over other languages. Not only this, NASA, Electronic Arts, and Disney are among the top non-IT giants who are preferring Python development. 

  • It’s safe

Python programming language does not have pointers that present in other C-based languages. It makes Python much more reliable. Not only this, errors never pass silently in Python unless they’re explicitly silenced. 

This allows the programmers to see and read why their program crashed and where they can rectify the errors.

  • Productivity

tips for python development


With the Python’s integration features, along with unit testing framework, and control capabilities, the developers get increased speed for most applications and productivity of applications. Python is a great pick for building scalable multi-protocol network applications.

What is Django?

Django is basically an MVT (Model View Template) web framework used by the developers to build web applications. It can be defined as a “batteries included” web framework, with robustness and simplicity.

Developers use it to write clean and efficient code. Django is one of the most used frameworks and Instagram, YouTube, Google and even NASA use it for their website. Let us find out some of the advantages of using Django.

Key benefits of using Django

  • Batteries included 

As mentioned earlier, Django is called a ‘batteries-included’ framework. This means that Django comes with a lot of other stuff that you may or may not use depending on your application. Rather than writing your code, you just need to import the packages that you want to use.

This framework allows you to make use of the solutions implemented by world-class professionals. One of the best tips for python development would be to leverage this framework to the fullest. Some of the topics that are included in this framework are as following:

  • Authentication with the auth package
  • Generating Google sitemap XML with the Sitemaps package
  • Postgres features with the Postgres package

Be sure to use all these tips for python development to the best effect for your application. Not only can you understand the flow of information, but the sustainability of the infrastructure is equally important.

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  • Accelerates custom web application development 

Django is considered to be the most mature frameworks for Python. Django’s design rules extensively focus on reducing web application development time. It allows the developers to build custom web applications rapidly according to varying business requirements.

More and more programmers are opting for Django when they have to meet both goals and deadlines. Probably another one of the incredible tips for python development.

  • It is secure

There is a very small possibility of security loopholes in Django, even in the user authentication system. Like the Laravel framework in PHP, Django also uses the GET method to transmit the data. But in Django, the passwords and all the important information automatically encrypts with a long security key. The passwords are not visible even in the Django database. Keeping your application and the whole development environment secure is one of the best tips for python development.

  • Django suits any kind of project

Django suits almost every project, irrespective of their size. For instance, if you want to build a social media type website, Django can handle the growth at any scale and capacity, be it heavy traffic or volumes of information. 

Or, if you want to build a simple web application, Django is a good pick as it has everything you need to quickly assemble a working application. Along with that, it is cross-platform, that means you can create applications that will run on Windows, as well as on Mac or Linux.

Bottom line – Tips for Python Development.

Along with all the above advantages, Python combined with platforms such as Raspberry Pi allows developers to build their own devices such as phones, cameras, radios, games etc. The demand of IoT has introduced countless opportunities for the Python programmers. So, have you decided to use these tips for python development

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