10 Superb Apps that are Built using Flutter

mobile apps built using flutter
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The Flutter framework is a mobile UI framework that allows the developers to create apps for both Android and iOS platforms. As far as mobile development is concerned, Flutter is quite new in this field. Flutter is Google’s open-source mobile app development SDK which is primarily designed to build cross-platform native apps.

It was released in 2017, and since then, it has established itself as a complete mobile application development tool. Since it is backed by Google, its overall value increased in the market. 

What’s unique about Flutter?

mobile apps built using Flutter

Flutter has got a lot more power than other conventional platforms used for building mobile applications. After all, if Flutter gained popularity in the mobile development industry in no time, there must be some reason behind it! 

Here are some of the key features of Flutter that made it popular amongst mobile app developers. 

  • Its lightweight components
  • Superb development speed
  • No need of JS Bridge for reactive views
  • Flutter supports cross-platform development
  • Cuts down the time for Flutter UI framework & business logic.

Now, let us move on to have a look at some of the amazing mobile applications that are built using Flutter platform. 

Mobile apps built using Flutter Platform

  • Google Ads 

mobile apps that are built using Flutter


Google Ads is an amazing app for handling the Google ad campaigns straight from your smartphone. We can also see it as a simplified version of a desktop service that lets the users monitor ad performance on the go. 

Some of the notable features of the Google Ads app are campaign stats, tools to update the bids and budgets, on-the-go notifications, keyword editing, and many others. The users can also call a Google expert to take help. The application is intuitive as well as amazingly designed. 

  • Reflectly

Reflectly is a personal journal application that is based on the Artificial Intelligence system. Flutter has taken the responsibility of ensuring that the app has smooth page transitions, high-performance animations, and attractive UI.

In Reflectly, an AI bot asks the users certain questions to help them create stories. Users can also follow their mood charts using the data collected through AI. These charts contain a list of factors that cause various emotions in users’ lives. These can then be used to analyze their behavior and work upon it if needed. 

  • Alibaba

mobile apps built using Flutter

Alibaba, the Chinese giant, is amongst the top eCommerce companies across the world. It has got a customer base of around 800 million people, which is quite huge! 

Despite that, Alibaba is getting a significant growth in the worldwide eCommerce market. There is no doubt that the reason behind this growth is the Alibaba’s mobile that was built using Flutter. 

Flutter has helped Alibaba in reducing the development time by up to 50 percent. It clearly signifies that Flutter is capable of handling the eCommerce transactions on a huge scale.

  • Dream11

If you don’t know, Dream11 is a fantasy sports app designed in India. Dream11 lets the users play various fantasy sports such as cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi as well as basketball. In April 2019, Dream11 enter the ‘Unicorn Club’ and it is the first Indian gaming app to enter that club.

In Dream11, the users can create a virtual team of the real-life players and earn points on the basis of the performance of their team and players in the real matches. This superb app is also built flawlessly using the Flutter platform.

  • PostMuse Photo Editor

PostMuse is a photo editor designed to create Instagram stories and posts. Even a beginner can use it easily, there is no need for you to be a design expert. You can find inspiration for various templates available in the app.  

You can use those templates to add texts in various fonts and images. In addition to that, you will find amazing photo frames, emojis, and stickers in this photo editing app. It allows you to extract colors from your image which lets you use the accent color from your picture. This amazing app is also built using the Flutter framework.

  • TopLine

TopLine is an amazing music recording app that lets users record and save their song ideas on the go. It became popular due to other music distribution platforms such as Spinnup or Ditto.

TopLine will aid you in building and organizing projects on the basis of lyrics, tags, and also pictures. In addition to that, users can also convert and export the projects to mp3 files too. The complete functionality of TopLine is designed using the Flutter platform. 

  • Realtor.com

Realtor.com is an innovative award-winning application that allows the users to find the perfect home for them. The official realtor.com mobile application provides real-time listings of available properties with the estimated costs and mortgage calculators. 

A few notable features of this app include its ease of use, accurate search using filter tools, image recognition, and also, virtual 3D tours of properties. The Flutter framework has made it possible to build this app with so many amazing and useful features. 

  • Birch Finance

Birch Finance is used to manage the credit cards and credit reward points at a single place. Users can use Birch Finance to track their expenses, see the reward benefits, and look for ways to earn more reward points.

In addition to that, it also allows the users to find out an appropriate card for them based on their spending. It will help the users in maximizing their reward points.

It has got certain advanced tools such as product comparison, machine learning with a recommendation engine, real-time pricing. This application is designed for the users for them to make the most out of their credit cards.

  • Hookle Social App

The Hookle Social App is a fun app built using Flutter to manage social media posts. You can monitor all the activities using a single dashboard. Built using Flutter, it lets you share posts, monitor active and handle multiple social media accounts at a single place.

Within just a month, it has got 10, 000 downloads, with users from the USA, Canada, Finland, and several other countries across the world.

  •  Coach Yourself Meditation App

It is human tendency to realize our bad or non-useful habits when someone else objects them. On the basis of this thought, Coach Yourself is designed for the users using the Flutter framework. It is a health and fitness app that will help users to give up on the habits that are harmful to their health.

It has got certain features to keep the users engaged and aid in overall personal development. Using Flutter to build this app signifies that we can use Flutter for building a wide range of applications. 

Bottom Line

More and more apps are being built using Flutter as it is becoming a go-to option for the developers. Several big companies as well as start-ups, are preferring Flutter to other platforms for building their apps. The major reason behind this preference is the set of libraries and tools that help reduce the production time to a great extent.

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