Uses of machine learning technology in mobile applications

machine learning technology in mobile applications
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Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows a system to learn, explore, and generate outputs without any human intervention. As of now, machine learning has found its application in various fields, and it has now started serving to mobile app development as well.

With the help of ML algorithms, engineers can analyze the targeted user behavior patterns and make recommendations based on these patterns. It is being used in mobile e-commerce applications, video recognition, audio recognition, face or fingerprint recognition, adding chatbot, etc. 

Let us ponder over certain points that will help you understand the benefits and uses of Machine Learning technology in mobile applications.

Benefits of using machine learning in mobile applications

machine learning technology in mobile applications

Machine learning provides various benefits to the mobile application sector in one way or the other. Here are certain major benefits of opting the ML tech in your mobile application:

  • Personalized experience

Since the machine is continuously learning, it analyses the information from various sources such as social media activity, credit ratings. It helps in giving the suitable recommendations to the customers.

Machine learning can provide you with the following information:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they expect?
  • What they can purchase or afford
  • About their hobbies, preferences or dislikes
  • The kind of reaction they are giving to your products, etc.

This information can be used to offer more relevant and enticing content your customers to make them believe that the app is personalized especially for them.

  • Relevant ads

To grow and attract more customers, a brand must be able to show the correct advertisement to the correct audience. However, it is not as easy as it may sound because finding out the target audience is a daunting task.

However, with the help of machine learning, advertisement has become even more personalized. The brands and companies can now easily target the ads and messages more accurately. 

Using Machine Learning technology, you can also avoid irritating the customers by suggesting the same items they have bought. The ads are generated for customers using their unique interests and buying preferences. 

  • Enhanced security

Without any doubt, machine learning has proven to be an amazing marketing tool in the mobile app sector. Besides that, it can also be used to streamline and secure the application authentication. 

With the help of video, audio, and face recognition, the users can authenticate their identity using their biometric data. It also helps in choosing the access rights for your customers. 

  • No internet access required

Apart from problems with latency, sending data for processing to a cloud needs an active internet connectivity. It won’t be a major issue in the more developed parts of the world, but what about the areas that have low internet connectivity. 

This issue is solved by the on-device machine learning where the neural networks are embedded on the phones themselves. Therefore, the developers can now deploy their tools and technology on any device without worrying about the internet connectivity. The healthcare sector is highly benefited from the on-device machine learning technology. 

Now that we know how Machine Learning is helping the growth in the mobile applications sector, let’s find out some of the present use cases of ML in the same.

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Uses of machine learning in mobile applications sector

Several real-life useful examples of Machine learning in mobile apps are mentioned below:

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are an amazing tool for a business that wants to enhance the efficiency and drive new technology for B2C and B2B businesses on mobile apps. Chatbots can work 24 X 7 and provide answers about FAQs to the users along with features of the product. Not only that, they help save time and money while increasing the customer satisfaction. 

HRs find them extremely helpful in saving time that was earlier spent on processing all the employee repetitive requests and work on being a more active part of the business. 

  • Product recommendations

machine learning technology in mobile applications


Machine learning is an extremely useful technology for content recommendations based on the user preferences. The businesses can plot the user preferences on content consumption patterns to recommend products to the customers. 

For instance, the way Spotify is recommending the music, YouTube is suggesting the videos, Netflix is suggesting shows, and the way Medium is suggesting blogs, you can also use ML to suggest products to your customers.

  • ML for healthcare apps

Healthcare sector is trying to extract the most out of the ML technology. When a machine learning algorithm is given access to a huge healthcare database corresponding to various diseases, it can suggest an ideal path of treatment as well as medication.

Likewise, the fitness tracking devices and healthcare applications (when connected together) can provide meaningful patterns about lifestyle related diseases and also suggest correct treatment

  • Weather forecasting applications

Using the machine learning technology in a weather forecasting app is a great idea. It will use your current location and find out all the weather forecasts in your region. The users are likely to get accurate predictions when forecast information is integrated with AI and ML.

  • Finance apps

The number of people using the mobile finance apps is increasing every day. These finance apps are used to handle the income and expense of a user by linking their banks accounts and cards to the app.

When these apps are combined with Machine learning technology, the entire transaction history can be analyzed accurately. This will help provide appropriate offers and coupons to the users. 

Bottom line

Machine learning is a technology that is unfolding its potential with time. It is currently helping the brands in enhancing the customer satisfaction and engagement, maintain customer loyalty, and so on. 

The use of Machine Learning in the mobile application industry will continue to grow and it will become an inevitable part of this sector in no time. 

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