Building a Diet Planning App for Fitness Enthusiasts.

make a diet planning app
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming a trend these days, which is extremely commendable. As a result, more and more people are focusing on monitoring their diet (at least, they are trying to). A diet planning app can help them in this good endeavor.

This guide will provide you with ample information to make an app for diet planning with extended features set to deliver the ultimate product. 

What features should a Diet Planning app offer?

Working on the mobile nutrition segment can be a difficult task, at times. Once you have made your mind to make an app for diet planning, you have to consider all the aspects before delivering it to the end-users. 

Design the diet planning app in such a way that it is relevant for the specific group of users. here are certain features that you can consider in your app:

  • You can provide suggestions for healthy food
  • Help with the water consumption amount
  • Weight loss suggestions
  • Options to track the calories
  • Organize the shopping cart
  • Feature for tracking the physical activity
  • Food intake levels with dietitian consultations

These are certain features that must be there in your diet planning app. You can choose them as the foundation to make an app for diet planning. 

Stages of diet planning app development

make a diet planning app

Whether to chose to deliver your app on iOS platform or Android, or both, there are certain common stages you have to go through. Let us have a quick look at the development stages to make an app for diet planning:

  • Conduct some research

It is the initial stage of development where you discuss your idea with the development team. The team will then help you understand if your idea is viable by studying the market, and the target audience. 

After that, they figure out the key objectives and the core value of the diet planning app. The app specifications are then documented to get an outline of how your application will function.

  • Prototyping phase

During this phase, you will have to work on the wireframing. This stage will help save development time and effort. It will clearly specify the structure, features, and other navigation options of the diet planning app.

  • Code development

Well, this is the stage that will consume most of the development time. During this phase, your idea will turn into reality. Using Django for web development can be a great option. 

  • Testing and deployment phase

During the testing and deployment phase, the diet planning app will be tested to make sure that there are no bugs and the app is performing as desired. After properly verifying the app, you can launch it on the App Store, or the Google Play Store.

  • Marketing

It is one of the most crucial phases while developing an app for any purpose. A proper marketing strategy must be created and executed to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers. 

Now, that you know the basic strategy to be followed for creating the diet and nutrition app, let us dive deeper into the details of the application.

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What to avoid if you want to make an app for diet planning?

make a diet planning app

Why do people stop using a diet planning app? Well, there are certain reasons which make the users lose interest in an app for diet. These are:

  • Your application is too expensive
  • Some of these apps have too much confusing information
  • The user interface is difficult to navigate

Therefore, when you are planning to make an app for diet planning, you must check that the potential customers do not face any of these problems while using your app.

Required features for your diet planning mobile application

open-source in 2020

You must carefully make a list of features that you want to have in your application. Here are some of the important features that must be present in your app to meet the needs of the customers:

  • Registration 

One of the key benefits of a diet planning app is personalization. Therefore, while creating the registration page you must collect data such as age, weight, height, food preferences, preferred diet, allergies (if any), level of physical activity, etc. This data will be helpful in determining the correct plan for a user.

  • Dashboard and food logging

Your diet app must have a vast food dictionary, a diary along with some input fields. However, food logging is incomplete if you don’t provide a dashboard to store important information related to the user’s progress. Try to make your dashboard visually appealing while displaying all the necessary information clearly. 

Creating a database with detailed information is a crucial part of mobile app development. It is an extremely time-consuming process, so you can opt for a ready-made API to save your time and efforts.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful feature to enhance user engagement and retention. But what is the use of push notification in a diet planning app? The first reason is that it motivates the users by constantly reminding them to achieve their goals.

Another important purpose of the push notifications is that they are a way of showing the users that you care about them. However, you have to take care of the frequency of the push notifications otherwise the users will get irritated. 

  • Integration with fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are gaining immense popularity across the world. Therefore, your app must have an option to connect fitness trackers with the app. If the tracker is connected, information regarding the activities such as jogging, cycling, etc. can be added automatically. The tracker will also provide other useful data such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Try to embed support for as many fitness trackers as possible. Though trackers such as Apple watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Samsung Gear are on the top, the market for these wearables is extremely huge. 

  • Chat with experts 

Managing the diet is a responsible activity, therefore, users need to have some supervision. You must ensure that your diet app has got assistance from trusted nutritionists to adjust meal plans and activity schedules. You can also host live shows with dieticians to build an amazing community around the app.

Cost of development

Of course, you would want to make an app with a minimum budget without compromising on the quality. The cost of any app mainly depends on the nature of the app – whether the app is simple or complex. With the increasing complexity, the cost of the app will also increase.

How can you monetize your diet planning app?

You can provide extra features to the paid users to make money out of your diet app. That means, your app is free for the users with some extra paid features.

You can also embed ads in your diet planning app. However, the ads often annoy the users and they may delete the app to never return.

Bottom line

We have discussed all the important aspects of a diet plan app. There are certain existing apps serving the purpose well. Your app must overcome the cons that those applications have so that you have an edge over those apps.

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